Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never say no

As per tradition, I just spent the last one week unpacking my cartons and arranging my room. Seems pointless to keep moving out of my room for christmas vacation since I anyway come back to the same place a month later and remove the stuff from the cartons and put them in the same place! Anyways, this time I decided to take my time in unpacking and look through all the stuff I have. After all, this is my last semester in NUS.

I found a file which I haven't opened in 3 years. Its full of senti stuff that I gathered in my first semester here. As I was looking through the papers, letters etc, I found my acceptance letter from NUS! I remember the day that email came. I had lost all hope of getting into NUS and had joined a college to do B.Sc chemistry. I had already started classes there and used to come back every afternoon by 2:30. Mom and dad would be at work then. One day, I came back by bus, as usual and opened the front door and walked in. I noticed something unusual on top of the TV, some sort of note. I went closer and saw that it was from mom and dad. They had written that they were very proud to have me for a daughter. I flipped the paper over to see what it was. It was my acceptance letter. The following day, I dropped out of the college there and accepted the offer at NUS.

Its weird that I should have found that email yesterday. Because today when I opened my inbox, I found a nasty surprise... A rejection letter from UC Berkeley. I can't say I wasn't expecting it. I pretty sure that UC berkeley wouldn't take me in. They have limited seats for graduate studies program. But even though I was fully expecting this, the minute I saw the letter, I felt a bit crushed. I didn't understand why till I realised that this has never happened to me before! I am like the pampered little princess who always went exactly where she wanted and did things as she wished. Not a spoilt brat mind you! Its just that I have never ever gotten a rejection letter before. This is my first ever one. (I do not count the NTU letter because that was technically not a rejection. They just refused to wait till my 12th marks came out so thats their problem, not mine).

I guess in addition to this being my first rejection, I also feel bad because I spent every possible minute last semester juggling between my GRE exams, modules and Honors year project. And on top of that completing all applications. I'd never worked so hard in my life!

Anyways, I need to get used to this. I have applied to 13 universities and I expect almost all of them to send me rejection letters. This is just the first is whats to come. Everyone needs to start somewhere!

Here's hoping that out of the stream of rejections that will come my way (and everybody else's way), atleast one acceptance will come along to inspire us to push forward.


Clueless said...

Hard work always pays off. ALWAYS. So don't ever feel bad about spending a lot of time doing something if it doesn't bear visible fruits in the end. The pay-off will come sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it. And when it does come, you'll know. :)

And don't worry about the rejection ... it's just a part and parcel of life. Something will come along sooner or later. You just have to wait for it. :)

The Gypsy said...

i agree wtih clueless. i slogged my ass off for a particular univ and got rejected.. twice..
but now i am happier off. all the knowledge is channelled elsewher and i have learnt bucket loads and also come out of it quite content :-)

it sucks yes.. but trust me there is a silver lining to every every gray cloud!

hang in there!!
u know u rock

Zav said...

atleast one acceptance will come along to inspire us to push forward.
>>sure !! it will.

doublehead said...

Once there was boy from a small town who finished school and felt that he cannot afford college. So he went off to Bombay (yeap Bombay in those days!!) and sold bread on the streets of Bombay. One year later he realised the importance of education and a with a big push from mom and brother he decided to enter college. He was told by many that he will measure up to nothing in life (what a cruel thing to say to a 16 year old!!). Rest is history, he finished his Ph.D and postdoc and now he is happily doing whatever he wanted to do all along. We never know in life which turn brings diappointment and which one brings cheer and good news. We all dream of best to happen to us and when that dream gets blended with hard work, it always comes true. Be patient, B+, just be yourself. Great things are coming in your way soon.Never give up the dream, no matter how many regret letters you find in your mail BOX. The one that is positive will make all the difference and make your pains disappear. Cheer up and smile....especially when you think of the Bread "Chokra" who is happily sitting on a swing solving SUDUKO today. :)