Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home

There is a particular stretch in Singapore that I love travelling by. Its pretty close to my university. The main reason I love it is because the most beautiful houses have been built along that stretch... independent houses and condos alike... with the most beautiful front porch, huge french windows tastefully decorated, nice cars, an occasional swimming pool... well, you get the gist. And I know in my heart that when I settle down in life and start earning, I want to be able to afford EXACTLY such a house.

Ask people who know me.... am I a materialistic person? They'll answer that with an emphatic yes. Because I have always talked about the ideal house, the ideal car, the ideal office, heck, even ideal furniture in the house and office (IKEA!!!!). Everybody knows that I have painted myself some kind of picture in my head of how my place will look. I've even picked out the layout for the kitchen! (Disclaimer: no, I have not had a vision of a spouse in there yet... its MY house... MINE MINE MINE!!! :P)

I get sermons all the time... "MG, don't be so materialistic.... these things aren't important in life... what's more important is love". I couldn't agree more. While love is the most important thing to me, these little things also matter...

Because at the end of this life, when I look back at my working life, I need to know that I put in a 110% into my job. And the kind of career path that I have selected for myself will tax my mind to endless limits. I expect that and would be disappointed if I didn't spend my 9-5 job flexing my brain muscles.

But I am only willing to do this if I have a nice place to call home at the end of the day, to go and relax and take out all frustration. I know that home is where the heart is and anywhere your family is should be home. I agree with that logic. But I also believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. My house will be a thing of beauty from which I shall derive immense pleasure and a peace of mind. I won't ever need a spa or anything to relax... just my house... the second I drive in, I will feel at peace with the world because I know that beautiful place is mine and the amazing people I share it with are the people I love more than anybody else. And of course, I need my car to take me and my family out on long drives to unwind.

Call me crazy... but there ya go! That's me! :) Now my header picture must make a lot more sense to people :P :P


Clueless said...

Hee! Well, we all have the things we want most from life that we're not willing to compromise on ... your ideal house is that thing for you. I do hope you manage to get something like it (if not the exact thing) when you "grow up"!

But yes, it might be a wise idea to keep that spouse in mind, or else make sure you get a really accomodating one (haha, get it?) who doesn't have any such concept of a "dream house"! :P

Anonymous said...

Not just crazy!! Obsessive and possessive too!! Mine, mine, mine???