Friday, April 03, 2009

Money Changes Everything!

Does money buy happiness? I know I am supposed to say "NOOO!!!!". But I feel different when its the birthday of somebody I care about and know would make that person happy! I realised that when I saw somebody giving stuff (I couldn't possibly afford as an undergrad) to a friend on her birthday. Then I looked back at my best friend's birthday this year and realise... I could have done lots better.... Dear best friend, I can't buy you these things because I don't have the money, so I decided to just make the list of top 5 things here. See if you like them! :)

1. iPod shuffle or iPod Nano.... don't know if any of the others are worth it :P
2. Smallville DVD set of any one season (only one season :P dont be greedy!)
3. Yess Boss DVD
4. A nice dress for you to wear on special occasions (not that you don't already have them!)
5. A larger than life teddy whose lap you could sleep on :P (the type you see around graduation time)

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :) Soon I will be able to make dreams come true! *fingers crossed!*

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Clueless said...

HEE! Thank you, babe! (I'm assuming you're talking about me :P) And seriously, trust me when I say it's the thought that counts. But now, because of this list, whenever I do get any of those things in there, I'll think of youuuuuuuu! :D