Monday, March 23, 2009

Never Too Late

After having studied in the same school for 14 years and having pretty much the same gang for most of those 14 years (and had an awesome time!), I thought it was incredibly unfair that I ended up meeting clueless, soleil, cookie monster, confused soul and so many others only after coming to NUS. Especially clueless. Both of us have very different dreams for our futures which invariably means that at the end of 4 years of undergrad, we have to go separate ways (in different countries). Just 4 years doesn't seem like a lot of time and its gonna be painful to say bye.

Knowing what I know about myself and how terrible I am at good byes, I thought that making new friends (good ones!) would be out of the window for me. I'd be too scared of the day I have to leave them. So basically I'm the type who'd retract into her shell and keep away from nice people :P Incredibly enough, sitting here in my final semester, I have found myself making more friends! This time in a place that I totally didn't expect.... LAB!!!! And it kinda sucks to think that in a couple of months I'll be gone from here and don't know when I will see them next :-/

I don't feel so bad though. I know that I'd much rather have it this way than not having met clueless and my other friends at all. Four years might be short but it's been a life changing experience. This semester has taught me so much through my new friends. Even though its not gonna be easy to leave NUS, I'm happy things worked out this way. We'll have to figure a way to make the best of the time we have together :) And if this friendship really means that much to us all, we'll find a way to maintain it even across the pacific ocean! :) :) :) That's something clueless taught me, btw! :D

Its never too late to make new friends. Its never a good idea to stay away from them coz you are too worried about the time you'll have to follow your own path in life and go far away from them :) Yes, you guessed it, I am happy today and that explains the generous usage of smileys :) :) :) I have found people who care enough about me to be there for me through this rough semester and I am not afraid to flaunt them! :D

I've had a bit of a rough patch over the past one week. Clueless, I don't know how I would have gotten through if it hadn't been for you, not just you being there for me this week but all the things you have taught me in the past 4 years. And all my new found lab friends,I don't think lab has ever been so much fun for me in spite of having a cloud (of admissions!) looming over my head. Thanks for being there and putting up with me! This post to dedicated to friendship. And you may eat it with your toast :P :P :P :P


doublehead said...

Now I understand the meaning of the phrase. "Judge a person by not what he/she is, but the kind of friends he/she has". One can never have too many good friends. They are the comfort zone when you are caught in rough weather. A toast to good friendship. May be a new phrase should be "mere pass dosts hai!".

Clueless said...

You don't know how happy it makes me to see you embracing the thought of a new life in a new place like this. For someone who used to be so afraid of letting go, you've certainly come a long, long way! I'm so happy for you, babe! :D

And yes, you're absolutely right to say that it's never too late to make friends. EVER. The good times that you have with them can never be replaced, so whether or not you have your friends with you in the future, you'll certainly have the memories. And that's worth a LOT, and will definitely make up for any sorrow you feel when you say goodbye. :)

Here's to a wonderful new start for you, in a new place with new friends, but here's hoping you cherish the moments you had with your old ones forever! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

hey...jus wanna say tht when i read this post of urs...i felt as if it was I who had written it...:) I feel so similarly about things in the same passionate and reflective wonder we gel so well :)...guess u know who i am...cheers to our friendship...and loads of love n hugs :)

Anonymous said...

Good post again !
you know we are all strangers to one another, you will definitely find good friends, but what i would say is college friendshis last for lifetime