Sunday, May 03, 2009

Being NOESY :P

You know you have studied too hard for structural biology when...

You realise your room is alpha=beta=gamma=90 degrees

You realise your room is not a=b=c

Now you are debating whether your room is tetragonal or orthorhombic

You are trying to find the correlation between peaks from a pattern on your favourite kurta

Your doodling looks too "COSY"

You panic because you couldn't fine the equivalent position for a stray shoe lying on your floor

You make origami models that are perfect geometric shapes likes cubes, just to help yourself visualize the equivalent position of the above mentioned shoe

You find yourself determining the symmetry of your sandwich instead of eating it

You find that the fungus floating in somebody's bottle in the kitchen saddens you because it reminds you of precipitated protein. Some crystals would have been nice :( :( :(

You take a break and have fun by searching for NOESYs for peptides online and try to solve them.

You find there are enough and more instances to make a whole blog post out of sheer insanity of it all :-\


simplime said...

You know that someone has completely lost it when they write a post like this

Clueless said...

Just one thing here: I am SO thankful I didn't take Structural Biology! Sheesh! :/

Word verification: sucknes. Even Google/Blogger knows the module sucks! :P

it is me said...

Arundavan kannukku irundathellam peii!!

Anonymous said...

Heights of losing it..! :) never seen anybody blabbering so much about a subject.. U really weren't "COSY" with it .. i am sure!