Saturday, May 02, 2009

The lost art of writing

MS word makes you forget how to spell. :-\

I'm such a spoilt brat who has gotten so used to MS word's auto correct features for minor spelling errors. So used to it that now a days, if I spell it wrong, its not really a typo but its just me writing the closest sounding thing and hoping MS word will pick it up and correct it... despite certain disadvantages of auto correct option (like correcting "dimer" to "dimmer").

I sat down in my english literature exam... thinking my biggest hurdle will be to frame my thoughts properly and make my answers sound convincing enough to get marks. I instead found myself pondering over not-so-deep stuff...

Is "exaggerate" spelt with a single 'g' or double 'g'?

How do I spell 'obsession'?

"I" before "E", except after "C" :-/ :-/ :-/ (I really need to thank Jim Carrey for this one :P)

Is it "entendre"?

Does "innuendo" have 2 'n's?

Well... you know what's the best part? I concluded my final essay with a paragraph that admires the "double innuendo" and irony found in the prescribed poems :-/

Damn MS word!


simplime said...

the art of writing will be contained if you disable auto-correct. ive done that :P :P how about writin another one about calculators? SPOILT NRI students :P

Clueless said...

HEE. We all have Jim Carrey to thank for that wonderful piece of information ... whoever I tell it to takes a moment and then goes, "OH YEAH!" :P

But yeah, I know what you mean. And the latest version of Firefox even does it when you type something on the internet. We're all so pampered. *sigh*