Saturday, July 11, 2009

We'll still be friends forever! (Part 2)

Dear Chocolate Mousse,

Its weird how we all just happened to chance upon each other and yet grow over four years to become such a sturdy gang!

I'm going to miss you loads. Even though we didn't get to spend much time together for the four years we were in university, whatever we did get was priceless. Russell Peters will never be the same and neither will cotton that grows out of trees! I will miss our dinners at PGP. Thanks to you, I fully explored the various chicken varieties in the Asian stall! We all know how busy you were with 12MC modules and projects! In spite of that, it was amazing that you managed to make time for us. I will miss the sight of you carrying along your architecture books along so that you could stay on top of things in academics while spending time with us. Our trip in Malaysia was the most fun I have had and that would have never been the case had it not been for you (and a certain somebody who insisted on bullying you!). I could not possibly think of a better way to go around KL than going around with you and the other girls. I am going to the source of Chili's!!! You had better come to where I am going so I can take you for lunch/dinner there!

I am going to miss your brand of friendship... always thoughtful, always personal. The sketching kit you gave me was really good and I had loads of fun with it! Branded bathrobe sounded just as amazing as a denim skirt, don't worry! I'd have been happy either way. When I do buy a bathrobe, I will definitely think of your idea. So either way its a win-win situation for you! I will definitely think of you everytime! Thanks for that amazing skirt... I promise I will wear it regularly!

All in all, I am going miss being with you!

But its alright, I know that life must go on. We all have different dreams and we do what we must to pursue them. After all life is a journey.

And its friends like you whom I meet along the way who make the journey so much easier and happier!

I love you very much and hope that you'll find everything in life that you are looking for :) If you ever need anything, just remember that there is one friend here who will always be there for you, and will never be too busy for you.

How can I ever be too busy for my dear chocolate mousse architect friend?!!! :D :D :D

(We still have an oil painting to make!)

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Clueless said...

I love the words you used to describe CM's friendship: "thoughtful and personal". I couldn't agree more. Someone who has always been around whenever we've needed her, and someone who always makes sure to be a genuine and caring friend to each one of us. Even though we haven't had as much time to spend with her as we have the others, I truly appreciate every single moment we have spent in her presence. :)