Friday, July 17, 2009

We'll still be friends forever! (Part 3)

Dear Soleil,

When I came to Singapore for studies, I knew I'd find a few chinese friends. But I never for a minute imagined that one of them would become one of my closest friends ever! I can't imagine an undergrad life without you in it and I am so so happy that the three of us (you know who all!) have names starting with the same alphabet! Where would we be, had we not spent countless hours in lab together in first year!

Chicken fried rice in an air-con food court marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship for me and the rest of us :) I'm going to really miss you. I wish we had come to your place for chinese new year more than just once. Ah well, I should count my blessings and be grateful that we made it atleast once :) I have so many memories with you that are all so dear... like sitting with a huge tub of chocolate ice cream while watching movies, eating cheesecake made by a sweet cluster mate, lab bashing sessions, airport drop offs and so many more! Remember in first semester, just before i left for vacation, you and I used to go to the air con food court and order two different types of chicken in the asian stall so we could get to eat as many varieties possible in the shortest span of time? We kinda had a repeat telecast of that on the day I left in science canteen :) Thanks for the potatoes!

I'm going to miss hanging out with you. I'm going to miss reading week blues that we used to share. I'm going to miss studying hard with you. I'm going to miss dozing off in lectures with you gals, poking each other to stay awake! Of course, you have a supernatural ability to find all of our rooms inviting, no matter how messy they are, and promptly plonk down on the bed! I'm going to miss that too!!! ;)

I'm never going to be able to look at a laddu in the same way ever again! I'm going to miss you ironing visits. I'm going to miss your snacking visits! Definitely, most certainly going to miss your ring tone and message tone! I wish we had more time to do some more "Scrubs" marathons. I'll definitely miss movie and tv show watching with you. Especially our traditional post-semester, pre-reading week movies! :P

I could go on and on and on... because there are just so many things that I will miss about you. My life in Singapore would have been woefully incomplete without you. Its because of you that Clueless and I dared to venture out and try new kinds of food! You taught me some of the finer points of making the most out of my Singapore experience. And of course, you are one of the major driving forces in making me a girly girl! Thanks for the skirt! I love it! And thanks for letting me borrow girly shoes all these years! Thanks to you, I now am considered something of an expert in picking shoes in my family! People here think I have improved my tastes! We know why that is! :D :D :D

Knowing how much you love to travel and explore, I wish I could take you with me to where I am going... We'd have so much fun together!

But its alright, I know that life must go on. We all have different dreams and we do what we must to pursue them. After all life is a journey.

And its friends like you whom I meet along the way who make the journey so much easier and happier!

I love you very much and hope that you'll find everything in life that you are looking for :) If you ever need anything, just remember that there is one friend here who will always be there for you, and will never be too busy for you.

How can I ever be too busy for my dear laddu gobbling, almost-indian oreo cream?!!! :D :D :D

(I still think chicken is a vegetable!! :P)


soleil said...

Dear MG,

Oh my goodness! Considering how I have been so busy lately to stop to read your blog, let alone blog myself, I must say, you just made my day :D

I am sooooo gonna miss you too!!! Trust me, even I had no idea that my asking if I could join you and Clueless for lunch after that lab session in first year could have lead to this wonderful friendship!

Ah chicken, the plant that binds the two of us together :p And you're welcome! I knew that you'd miss the plant when you went home.

All those memories you mentioned are so dear to me too. You always knew what to say to stop me from freaking out, especially when I was far away in France. I am gonna miss going to your room for my late night laddu snack breaks and of course, plonking on your bed with Squishy, Pooky and Garfield (I know they're jealous of me).

Also, I'm so proud at how girly you have become :D I think you may need to change your blogger name to Girly Girl soon hehe. I was looking through some pics on Facebook the other day and I saw one of you in a long, red and white flowery skirt. I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things! You looked amazing! Seriously, you should buy more skirts in the US. With legs like yours, flaunt them baby! ;)

Shoes! Please don't mention it. It was my pleasure all along. Expert in picking shoes! WAH! I didn't know I had that effect haha. I'm truly flattered. Thank you :)

Not forgetting laddus! I should be the one to thank YOU for always bringing them back from home for me. I feel bad that you asked your grandma and mum to make them and with less ghee so that it'll be healthier! You know I love those (balls).

MG, or should I start calling you GG? Thank you for the heartfelt blogpsot tailored for me and I really am gonna miss you. I already do! Don't miss me too much ;)

Lotsa LUV and HUGZ,

Clueless said...

Awwwww. The post and the comment above ... it brought a huge grin to my face. I won't say anything more to ruin the moment, but I will let it be known that this is a beautiful post (for a beautiful person). :)