Friday, October 30, 2009

Change - The only thing constant

Dear Friend,

And the beat goes on... we've had joy, we've had fun, we've had seasons in the sun! And somehow, we have finally reached the day my blog reaches its 200th post :) remember when I started off, I didn't even know if I'd go past 50. I have written four times as much and it doesn't seem like its going to end anytime soon. Sure, this blog has had its periods of hyperactiveness, sometimes it goes into hibernation mode, but through thick and thin, this has been MY BLOG, my friend, my everything! This is where I come for guidance, somehow writing here makes my thoughts a lot clearer...

This blog has also been awesome for me to get into a bit of introspection. I know too much of it is bad for my health (:P), but this has been just the right amount. This blog has seen me grow out of my insecurities and become the person I am today. I started off as a fresh undergrad in Singapore, today I am a graduate student in USA! I have come a long way! This blog has heard me think out aloud about my career options and every other thing in my life. If anybody has the patience to read all my posts, I think its safe to assume that that person will know a great deal about me!

This blog also saw me finding an awesome friend in Singapore and making all the right choices (amidst all the mistakes) and today my blog knows how much I miss that special friend. I miss you a lot. I miss our gang and somehow wish I could turn back time and relive all our amazing moments.

More than anything, that's the main reason why this blog is awesome for me. All I need to do is take a trip down to the vault... and voila, I am there with you again! This is why I blog, my dear friend, so that several years down the line, I will be able to re-live every precious moment of my life.

And its all thanks to you that I have this wonderful treasure with me...

Here's to another 200 posts and more!



Shweta said...

congratulations! :)

Hope you keep going (and going by the pace of your recent posts, you (touchwood) definitely will!)

Suryasach said...

congrats !

Clueless said...


Happy 200th, dudette! Congratulations! :D

And yup, here's to many, many, many more!

Zav said...

keep posting !