Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Say... what???

I was known for my lightning fast snappy replies to anything said to me. Quite famous for my brand of sarcasm. And most popular for how fast my mind worked! Ask anybody from my school days or undergrad days, they'll tell you that my mind works so fast that even before the speaker finishes uttering the sentence, I would have derived a 100 different interpretations of what they said. And I always knew what the right interpretation was at the end of the day (of course, pretending otherwise served for some good leg pulling, but that's a different story all together!). My snappy and sarcastic replies drew the most number of comments from people. Clueless' standard dialogue to me - "Can't you ever give a straight answer?! *exasperated look*". And I was in the process of becoming an expert at PJs! I used to sound smart in my conversations.

People in Dallas, however, might beg to differ.

I have forgotten how to give snappy replies

I have forgotten how to be funny

I have forgotten how to make people laugh (sometimes even smile!)

I have forgotten sarcasm

But the biggest change... I have become slow... My mind no longer is able to process the information given to me the way I used to. In a "don't you get it without me having to tell it explicitly" situation, I just don't understand. I am ashamed to say that I have to either ask what that person meant explicitly or just pretend to understand what the hell is going on and give a "joey laugh" to try and look smart.

I have forgotten how to be fun and sound smart!

I have become boring :(


Clueless said...

I'm sure that's not true! You just have to figure out what's different in this new environment. Change takes time to get used to ... once you're more comfortable with the surroundings and the people around you, you'll be back to your snippy, snappy self in no time! :)

Shubhada said...

Clueless is right. You just need to understand people around you or may be you will have to wait till you find people with your temperament.

soleil said...

Dudette! It's the new accent in a new country. I know you'll get the hang of it ;)