Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Cooking for friendship!

Necessity is the mother of invention... Necessity can also pretty much force you to get off your butt and do stuff you never thought you were capable of! When I was at home for a long summer vacation, I perplexed my mom by not even bothering to enter the kitchen to learn some basic cooking. And when I say "basic", I mean BASIC!!! Before I knew it, summer was over and it was time for me to move to Dallas.

Some people thought even being in USA would not motivate me to cook. After all, food in the US is supposed to be dead cheap. Well, turns out that I definitely cannot afford to eat out everyday. So that means going back to packing lunch, just like school days. Everyone thought that now I was stuck... now I had no choice but to learn to cook for lunch. Well, if you consider sandwich "cooking", then I am an expert! :P So yeah, even then, I didn't cook.

For the past couple of months (its been almost 2 months already!!), I managed my food by making sandwiches, instant noodles or eating at some very dear friends' home.

Then came along somebody new here. (I shall call her "Tingu" for now, for the purpose of this blog). The both of us became pretty good friends in a short span of time. We pretty much hang out together all the time. And oh, she is an amazing cook too!

Today, however, she fell sick in the evening. I was (and still am) very worried for her. She needed to have dinner but didn't have the strength to get/make her own.

So I walked into the kitchen... for the first time, to make a proper-proper dinner. I cooked rasam today. And rice. Its been two months since I moved here. And I inaugurated my pressure cooker only today. I made rasam rice because thats what mom made for me whenever I was sick. And the rasam was kick ass! Well, atleast I liked it very much! (Tingu was nice enough to say that it was good, even though I knew it was kinda bland)

Why is it so much easier for people to do something for others rather than to do for themselves? Till now, I was ok with eating whatever food was lying around the house, even ceral for dinner, sometimes I would even skip dinner or lunch. But when my friend here fell sick and needed decent food, I ended up teaching myself how to cook.

Why are we so much more motivated to take care of our family and friends than we are to take care of ourselves? Not just for food and health, but otherwise also...

P.S.: This is not a rant. Its just the opposite. There was one thing missing in Dallas, and that was having somebody I cared about, somebody who cared in return. Now that I have found two friends here like that, I feel alive... after a long, long time :) Life is good :) *touchwood*!

P.P.S.: Still missing my singapore friends though! *ducks to avoid the shoe thrown by clueless from singapore* :P


doublehead said...

Cooking for oneself really sucks. Cooking for a group of people that we care about it enjoyable. That is the reason mothers are great cooks, because they care for the whole family. This is when cooking becomes a challange too, one becomes innovative and invents more and more dishes. Now that explains why Indian cuisine has so much of variety, because Indian moms are not only great cooks but great caretakers of family and friends. Long live TINGO, MC friendship!!

doublehead said...

Sorry, long live TINGU (not TINGO) MG (not MC) friendship!

Anonymous said...

seee....u r back in form!! btw, how did the khichdi turn out to be??

Clueless said...

Hey, hey, hey. I would NEVER throw shoes at you for actually having a good time in your new home! I'm offended that you would think so! *drama queen*

But I'm super impressed that you now know how to cook (and to think WE survived on Maggi for years and years in uni *whacks you on the head*)! I still haven't gotten around to cooking, but I'm hoping to learn when I go home these holidays. And I'm going to take your suggestion of putting the iPod on full blast while doing so, because it just sounds like a ton of fun! :D

(And with this, I *think* I've commented on every post. If there's something I've missed out, let me know, and I shall correct that grevious error immediately!)