Saturday, October 17, 2009


I will never again roll my eyes when some person in a group interrupts the fun and celebration going on to stop and take a picture. I shall never ever underestimate the value of random photographs that we take when we are jobless and need something to pass time.

I've been living in Dallas for only 2 months now, yet Singapore feels like a life time away. I was having a conversation with Ady earlier and commented in passing about how I never expected any phone calls or wishes on Diwali. I didn't think anybody would remember to wish me.

So I sat down and began to study for an upcoming exam. And before I know it, two of my closest friends from Singapore ping me on gtalk to wish me on diwali! And to end a convo with a genuine, bottom of the heart "Love you loads and miss you loads" just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that my friends in Singapore are also thinking about me the way I think about them!

After talking to these friends of mine, I went to my photo collection on my hard drive and started looking through them. And all the memories, right from first year in NUS, came flooding back. Suddenly, Singapore doesn't seem like a lifetime away. I just cannot believe that its not a part of my present right now. I can't believe that my dudettes aren't just across the hallway anymore. And its diwali. In addition to missing the festivities at home, I miss sharing the home sickness with my gang in Singapore, where we became each other's family to sail through stormy seas. Just the photographs were enough to take me back to a time when Singapore was my second home.

I made some pretty awesome friends as an undergrad. And I am proud of them all. And of course, I miss them like crazy. But life is all about moving on, right? We all have our own lives to worry about. We knew right from the start that undergrad was just a 4 year deal. So why feel sad or depressed thinking about the good times that will remain as mere memories.

Everybody keeps telling me not to expect to find friends as awesome as undergrad friends at any other point of time in life. Everybody says that those days are as good as it gets. Beyond undergrad, friends aren't that close to you anymore. Until you get married, you wont have that best friend in your life. If that's what life is all about after undergrad, then I don't want to live such a life where I don't have friends to care about, to love and to pamper!

All I can say is that I refuse to believe what everybody tells me. I make my own rules for my life. And this is what I say now...

Its high time I brought out a camera to start clicking snaps of this new life of mine! Because, a few years down the line, these will be just as precious as those I have been clicking in Singapore for the past 4 years.

I will make sure that they become just as precious :)


doublehead said...

Yes, I agree. As a student, one of the important gadget one must possess is a camera. I still remember my first camera which I still have and cherish. It was a Yashica (this brand no longer exists?) SLR camera bought in LONDON DRUGS in canada, cost 124 canadian dollars, came with a normal and a telephoto lens and a detachable flash!! My friend Robin also bought an identical piece. A marvelous instrument that allowed me to click some of the most amazing pictures. If you decide to buy one, save some money and buy a good one!! do not settle for cheap ones. Wait for a good christmas sale, you can find a nice camera.

soleil said...

Get that camera woman! I'm still waiting to see pics of you in the denim skirt and many other pics promised *wink wink*

As for me, I kinda like having a camera phone cos I can use it whenever I want and don't have to carry an extra piece of equipment around ;) Sure, it may not take as awesome pics as a regular camera but it'll do hehe.

Miss you Dudette! *hugz*

Clueless said...

I don't like it when people say, "This is as good as it gets". Hello, where's the motivation there to live the rest of your life?! I believe everything is as good as we make it. Of course, one must be lucky to have good friends to spend time with, but the rest is upto us.

Which is just my way of saying, yes! Get that camera quickly, and get clickin'! Not only will it serve as a good reminder to YOU later on in life, it will also give us a sneak peek into yours! I hear about your life there all the time, but woman? I want to SEE it too. :D