Saturday, January 02, 2010

My White Christmas

Note: I meant to publish this post on Christmas Eve but stupid blogger wouldn't upload the pictures so it had to wait till after new year's day. Anyways, here's the christmas post, slightly delayed :)

Dallas has not seen a white christmas in the past 80 years! And the first year that I land here, the city gets 3-4 inches of snow! That's just the right amount, not too little that it disappears in an hour, not so much that everybody gets snowed in! Anyway, we'll let the pictures talk :)

 View from my apartment, before the snow storm

 It's started snowing, but I'm not sure if that's visible in this picture

A leafless tree. Just thought it looked pretty :)

 The first snowflake... on my sweatshirt :)

 Yay! Snow on rooftop! :)

 Macro-ing in on the snow on the leaves

 Snow accumulation on my staircase in front of the apartment. Made it pretty slippery yet exciting!

 My footprint on the snow at the base of the above mentioned staircase

 The classic lone-street-lamp-in-snow picture. Very wintery :) :)

 Snow fall!!!

 Erm... more snow :P

 My footprint on the snow covered grass

 Snow covered car

 Snow covered flowers :( :(

 Bus stop waiting area... too cold to sit on that now!

 Merry christmas! :)

 Lots more snow!!! :D :D :D

Hope all you awesome people out there had a wonderful christmas and a good new year! :)

P.S.: Those of you dudettes who want a white christmas.... come this year to Dallas and spend time with me! You pay for the plane ticket, I will take care of everything else in the US :) 


doublehead said...

Nice pics, especially the lonely street lamp. What is missing is Humphery Bogart leaning on it with his hat on, covering half of his forehead and smoking a cigar. Chennai is also unusually cold this December, may be it will snow here someday. are we heading towards ICEAGE in the tropics due to global warming, :)

Clueless said...

Seriously, these are GORGEOUS pictures. Now that you have your camera, you should take loads more pictures, and oh ... SHOW US! :P