Saturday, February 06, 2010

Where'd we go?

Obviously we had forseen it happening. But we never realized the magnitude of events to unfold. I never believed that its possible to just "fall" out of touch with your best buddies from school. Yet here I am, on Feb 6th, wondering how the heck did it slip my mind! Once upon a time, Jan 6th, Feb 6th and May 23rd were such important days in our lives! We always made time for each other on those days. But for the past 5 years, none of us has wished each other a happy birthday.

I guess in a Dil Chahta Hai scenario for us, each of us takes on the characteristics of Akash, Sid and Sameer. I guess I was more like Akash, thinking to myself, "We can do this every year! We can meet every vacation! We'll still hang out when we start college, nothing has to change". Little did I know that the Sid in our group was wiser. Forget about meeting every vacation, meeting every few years will also be difficult, even if we are in the same town.

Last time I went home for vacation, I had a conversation with Sow. It stretched on for 5-10 mins. Beyond the general "hello, how's life, whatcha upto", it was hard to pick topics to talk about. Our lives have diverged so much that now there is nothing common left (at one point both of us actually acknowledged that with a "What's this yaar?! There was a time when we'd spend hours on the phone! Now we don't even know what to talk about! :P)

Of course, life is all about moving on, enjoying the relationships that we have going on in our lives and so on. But every once in a while, I can't help but to stop, look back and miss the relations that I've lost along the way.

Happy birthday Nairi. I know you may never read this post. And I know we haven't spoken in the longest time. And Sow, I know that even though we did speak this vacation, we are drifting apart...

But that doesn't make the days that we did have together any less special :) Miss you girls! Miss the trio! Maybe things will change the next time we meet, maybe we'll have more to catch up on

Until then...

Dil Chahta Hai :) :) :)

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