Monday, April 12, 2010

Change - The only thing constant (part 2)

Its been a long time since I blogged. Need to dust the cobwebs from here. There was a point of time when I used to look at the world through "blogger eyes" (as clueless put it :P). I don't know what has changed now... maybe life is more hectic, maybe more responsibilities have come my way, maybe the science (the one constant presence in my life) has become more challenging, but whatever it is, my blog seems to have taken the back seat. Sometimes I feel like the main reason why I have been struggling to write on this page is because contrary to my original belief, my blog is not really a place where I write about life as I know it, but life as I knew it in Singapore. In other words, MG's blogger eyes = Singapore happenings. Either ways, enough speculation, lets see if I can breathe some life into this page and go back to the "life as I know it" trend.

Now that I'm done with the prologue, let me get on to the post! I thought I'd start off with a random collection of changes that have come in my life right now, kinda like catching this blog page up to speed, then continue with my usual rants.

The best mirror of yourself is an old friend. And just last week, I had the chance to meet an old friend (simplime) from Singapore who is also here in the US doing her Ph.D. We were meeting after 8 months. And it was only after meeting her that I realised how much I have changed, for better and for worse!

- Much longer hair, styled very girly
- No more round necked t-shirts and baggy jeans
- Complete switch in my shopping personality! I know how to pick nice looking girly tops now!
- Matured tastes (according to simplime :D)
- Bottom line -> Macho girl has turned into girlie girl... almost a 180 degree turn! And thats and "almost" because its common belief that truly girlie girls also care about shoes and cosmetics, which I don't!

Other than that, life has changed in terms of added responsibilities.

- I have now bought a car! Finally! Its a Hyundai Elantra, silver gray, and not in the best condition! But that was a huge drain on my financial resources
- Along came insurance responsibilities with that
- Monthly bills
- Lab work is my profession now, I get paid for it so its a more serious affair now than was my undergrad project

Other than that, I realized during the trip that I have changed as a person too. And I realized that because I could feel the difference in the way I interacted with Simplime. It was so different from the last time we met. I felt like I had grown up, a lot. I have become a lot more stable, lot more cynical, lot more independent, lot less sarcastic, lot more confident about myself, lot more secure and also perhaps a lot ruder. The good, the bad and the ugly.

But the biggest change of all....

Other than the frequency of posts, is my style of writing

I prefer the earlier style! This style bores more to death. Can't imagine how a reader would feel! :P

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