Saturday, May 01, 2010

Googlation forever

"Googlate" is just a cool various of using "google" as a verb. It was created in our department one boring afternoon and has since become quite a hit in my dictionary.

I never realised how much my life revolves around google. Almost anything and everything is available there for me to read. Anything that I need, I just googlate it. One of my friends in lab noticed how much I was like her in that respect and sent me a link to another search engine that she uses. Its not google. She said she switched to that since this particular search engine gave her points for using it on a daily basis and that she could use these points to redeem gift cards. I was a skeptic. But then she showed me her new amazon gift cards. I was a believer. I downloaded the toolbar and started using this new search engine over and over again. Now I have enough points to redeem an amazon gift card (in just a matter of weeks).

But how have these past couple of weeks been for me? Literally, life changing! And not for the better! There is a sudden feeling of insecurity each time I click on a search result. Is this the correct link? Can I trust this page? Never mind that the page in question is something like wiki or imdb which is what google would have given me too. But the fact of the day is, for important stuff like course work, I still trust only google.

And I am not the only one! I know a girl who can't use google because yahoo is her engine of preference and the list just goes on.

What is it about search engine webpages that make us feel "at home" or more "secure" than the other???

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Shubhada said...

I think it is time you wrote another blog. A general one or about life. Whatever comes to your mind. May be you should visit a book stall and buy a nice novel or any interesting book and read. Remember you used to love volcanoes? Recently the volcano in iceland errupted. It caused lot of problems for flights, but there are beautiful pictures of it on the net!

Yesterday an Air India express flight crashed while landing. 159 passengers including the crew died. Only seven passengers survived. Do you know how they survived? They probably had removed the seat belt since the plane was landing. Because of that they were thrown out of the plane when it crashed. Others could not remove the seat belt and get out. What an irony!

We never know what life will bring to us. We have to thank God for giving us whatever he has given and make the most of our life here. Looking forward to a good blog from you.