Monday, June 14, 2010

A Broken Tape Recorder Life

Deja vu is a word used too often in my life these days. Everything either seems like I've already been through it.

I thought of 10 different things to blog about only to realize I have already written about them

I say stuff to people and get to hear very often that they've already heard me say it

I have made the exact same mistakes too many times

I have apologized for these same mistakes way too many times (only to go and make that mistake all over again :-<)

My playlist is not much updated in my iTunes.

My protocols in the lab are identical each day.

I eat almost the same food everyday.

Each day has become so standard that I sometimes forget what day of the week it is, or even whether its a weekend or a weekday! Ok fine, so that was an exaggeration. You caught me! I can tell a weekend from a weekday... the lab is empty on weekends :-/ And that's a sad way to tell the difference.

I need to upgrade and update life. I need to do something new, spice things up a bit. I need to change first for that, I am thinking of starting small. and building up from there, give my life a mini-makeover. First small step... maybe find a brand new hobby? :)

Either way, I challenge myself, to find something fresh in life. And to see to it that I carry out this task, I need to challenge myself to write a post on everything new on this blog as proof of change.... which is of course the only thing constant! :)

P.S.: Its kinda ironic that this post also seems very deja vu. And the following sentence is definitely one that I have uttered way too many times on this blog.... I will write post as often as I can, even if they are crappy posts, even if I have to force myself to get back into the old groove, I will not let this page accumulate cobwebs! *koff koff*!


Clueless said...

Good luck with the new challenge! And I'm sure you'll be able to think of stuff to write on the blog... you've always been better at finding bloggable topics! ;)

Shubhada said...

It is good to see that you are coming out of shell and try writing new blogs. I am sure soon you will be back on track and come up with blogs on various topics.
Best Luck.

I have not seen blogs from clueless either for a long time.

Zav said...

try out something new its good for u !!