Monday, June 14, 2010

Rediscovering me

Yesterday my father asked me a very interesting question.

"Why have you stopped blogging?"

Honestly, I don't have a satisfying explanation to that. I tried the most popular one I give when asked the question, which is that I don't like to blog about everyday routine stuff. I prefer to talk about the more interesting, funnier or more philosophical thoughts/events/etc. That is not a satisfactory reason. Simply because this logic directly contradicts the title of my blog (I put a lot of thought into the title!). If "life as I know it" right now is kinda routine, slightly boring, not perky or interesting, it shouldn't matter that my blog posts are also in shades of grey. After all its my blog. And blogging used to make me happy.

My blog became such an integral part of my during the course of my undergrad that when I don't blog, things just seem incomplete. And my very observant father spotted that! Let me conclude this kick start to Macho Girl with the rest of the conversation with dad.

Dad - Do you blog now a day?

Me - Nope

Dad - Read books?

Me - Nope

Dad - Play the violin?

Me - Nope

Dad - Do any sketching?

Me - Nope

Dad - Don't you have any hobbies at all?

Me  - Not at the moment

Dad - Don't forget that the MG we all know and love used to write lots of blog posts, have a voracious appetite for books, play the violin at concerts and do lots and lots of pencil sketching. That is a part of who you are and what you derive happiness out of. Don't lose it. Kick start yourself with your blog. Even a routine boring post will do. Then it will be only a matter of time before the old MG reappears :)

Thanks dad! Love you loads!


Shweta said...

Nice layout, and it's good to see you aback :)

Shubhada said...

I am glad you are back. It does not matter what you write, just let your thoughts out and before you know you will old yourself.

doublehead said...

Just to lighten up, I will write a joke. Clinton, when he was the president spotted an indian outside of the white house and asked him to come in. He told the indian to dig a hole on the white house lawn. After digging a few feet on the ground the indian struck an old telephone cable. Clinton gloated "see 100 years of telephones, america's greatest discovery". The indian humbly smiled and invited clinton to visit his village in india whenever he came to india. Clinton did come to a small village in India and this time it was the indian's turn. He told clinton to dig a hole. Clinton dug a hole on the ground and even after digging several meters he did not find anything except the roots of the nearby banyan tree. Clinton got frustrated and asked "what is the big idea?". The indian gloated "see 4000 years of wireless communication, greatest contribution from india to humanity". Moral of the joke: Talk to the next fellow humanbeing that you meet next time. say hello. do not send sms when you can talk in person.

Clueless said...

Nice to see you back! Now I just need to take your lead and do the same with my own blog.

The new layout is KICKASS, btw. I love it!