Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working hardly!

My days have become increasingly hectic in lab. But I am loving my work. I am lucky enough to have 3 whole projects to work on. I manage to split my day and multitask to allow all 3 projects move at a steady pace. The only break I take from work when I am in lab is a one hour lunch break (I might not even get that today!). I don't mind the work. Its actually loads of fun and now I have the true sense of what it is like to work hard to earn your monthly wages.

My boss is also really awesome. On my first day in lab, she assigned me the task of assembling a brand new iMac, right out of the box, for myself to use!!! I am using a brand new computer which has the most awesome wireless mouse! (Apple is really good at making fancy looking computers which are sleek and elegant, but they are damn expensive *sigh*) I eagerly spent the whole day personalizing my computer. After setting my four corners shortcuts and desktop background, I decided to have a "word for the day" screen saver.

Today has been particularly hectic for me. I've been working really hard since I walked in, not even a moment to take a breather. When I finally found a few seconds to spare to quickly retrieve a protocol from my desktop, I came back to find the word of the day.....

slacker |ˈslakər|
noun informal
a person who avoids work or effort.
• a person who evades military service.
• a young person (esp. in the 1990s) of a subculture characterized by apathy and aimlessness.

Guess who is going to look for a new screen saver :-/ :P :P :P

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Ranga said...

Hey Aparna

Nice post, good to know that you are enjoying slogging it out at work. I like the idea of that screensaver, inspite of the inappropriate result that you got. Might just try it out myself.