Friday, September 10, 2010

Chennai's own queen!

Its such a huge coincidence that you ended up being a close friend to two of my dearest friends in this world! And what's even better, you are more awesome than everything that they told me about you. Every once in a while, we stumble across people, who even though we might have met only once or twice (well, I guess in our case its twice so far :P), you feel like you have had a connection all along. I, for one, cannot believe that I just met you a few months back. It feels like I have known you since school! Somehow, it seems so easy and so natural to talk to you and be myself with you.

On this special day today, I don't have any huge gift to give you, I wish I did. But then  again, I didn't know it was your birthday today until very late!!!!

Here's what I have to give to you as a gift....

My dearest CKR,

Have a happy happy budday and an awesome year ahead!!!

Thank you for making it so easy for me, and for being such an incredibly awesome friend, even though we technically just met. You are a very, very, very special person to a lot of people (including me!) and we all feel lucky to have met you and been by your side. I know you and I have many years ahead of us to grow as friends, and here's to the creation something new and exciting!  :) :)

Appy fizz :)

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