Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Random thoughts

- Driving a U-Haul cargo van is much more fun (and kinda comfy) than driving a car. It also teaches a thing or two about what kind of a driver you are. Turns out, I am not too bad! :D

- My first ever experience renting a car... a bit expensive, but loads of fun, since you get to drive a really good model (and a recent one too!) which has a good mileage and amazing entertainment system! My first ever rented car.... a wine red Ford Fusion!!!!

- A couple of tornadoes formed where I live. And I saw one of them, complete, from the beginning of the formation of a funnel cloud, the elongation of the funnel and of course, the touch down!!!! It was spectacular, breath-taking, but not one bit scary. Of course, it helps to be good at geography and to know that severe tornadoes don't tend to hit big cities as much as they do in villages. Only movies (the end of world kinds) have big, devastating tornadoes hitting the cities.

- I have the sudden urge right now to watch the movie "Twister". I wonder why :P :P

-I am not as poor (financially) as I originally thought. I have realized that it is very possible for me to travel around this country every few months, as long as I plan ahead. The only limiting thing, taking days off from lab. Ah well.... details, details....

- Thanksgiving is coming and that's a four-day block that is wide open. Hmmmm...... *opens google maps*

- I redirected all my university emails to my gmail so that I have only one account that I need to check. Now I have 867 unread messages in my gmail and that bugs me.... *sigh*

- I am not as bad at dancing as I originally suspected. Maybe I should find myself a dance teacher somewhere around

- Violin teacher would be more useful at this point though.

- Its fun for me to scribble down the first thing that pops into my head on this blog. I have never done that before!

- Started a new hobby.... knitting!!!! Wondering if I should take it to the next level... I am currently proficient at making scarves!

- Even after sleeping soundly (didn't even hear my alarm this morning) for 9 hours last night, I still feel drowsy... Damn you hurricane Hermine!!!

- Living near the medical center means I get to hear the ambulance sirens pretty often. Today the number of sirens has drastically increased. Damn you hurricane Hermine! Hope everybody is alright

- Writing a random post is loads of fun, for a change!

- Bottom line - happy to be alive, living in an exciting city, amidst hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves and blizzards!

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simplime said...

feels happy to see the enthusiasm again !