Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My daily routine involves waking up in the morning and immediately checking my email. Imagine how annoyed I was this morning when I woke up to find that there is no internet connection in the apartment! This the second time I've had internet problems in the past few weeks. Feeling super mad (a horrible way to start the day), I called my service provider's technical support. I am transferred to an agent and this is what I hear (in a strangely familiar accent)

Tech Support: Welcome to tech support, my name is Nick, how may I assist you?

Me (thought bubble): NICK??? ok, whatever you say, "Nick"!

Clearly the guy was not American. But I didn't want to jump to conclusions just based on an accent. So I just went straight into the problem and tried to get things sorted out with "Nick". He needed to run some diagnostics on his computer to resolve my problem. However, unfortunately, the tech support floor had a power outage (whaaaa?!!!) and they were just restarting the systems so it would take a while. While I was waiting for him, I heard my required confirmation from the background...

Random background person: Aiyayoooooooooo!!!!!!

Random background music: "Manmada raasaaaaa manmada raasaaaaa!"

So now I know where their tech support department is located and the mystery of their power outage is now clear to me :P

After all problem was resolved, here's what brought a smile to my face and changed a bad start to an excellent start for the day.

Nick: It says here that you are from India

Me: Yeah, just like you!

Nick: Beg your pardon Ma'am?

Me: I know my call got directed to India!

Nick: (sheepish laugh) haha, yes ma'am, you got that right, but then again, you know how it is here in the call centers right?

Me: Yeah

Nick: Actually we are located in the southern part of India

Me: Yeah, I figured as much

Nick: Wow!! How did you?

Me: Heard somebody scream "Aiyayooooooo!!!!" in the background! Feels good to hear after so long!

Nick: Haha, yeah, that was my friend!

Sometimes, these unexpected encounters are what make me realise for how long I have been outta my own country and reinforce a sense of attachment to yeech yand yeverydhing that made our lives back home.

I talked to a total stranger, Mr. Nick, but I still feel like it was a friend who answered the phone :) :) :)


doublehead said...

Sign of changing times. People are disconnected and distanced from each other. Machines are connected and getting closer than ever. May be the call centre was in Velacherry, who knows.

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

hmmmmm DOST time changing !
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