Monday, October 25, 2010

Intelligently stupid

When I decided that grad school was the way to go for me, I had the choice of coming to the US to do science. And most people, including my parents and my Honors year supervisor, encouraged me to go. Apparently, the scientific community in academia had  a unique quality in the US which I wouldn't find anywhere else.

Its not like I have worked in other academic environments (like Europe). But I am beginning to see what people meant. The students, post docs and PIs here are always so excited about science! Science is a religion, science is fashionable, science is rad (not sure if I fully understand the meaning of that word)!!! People keep up with the scientific world so its not uncommon to pass by two people in the hallway getting very excited about a paper in Science, Nature, Neuron, whatever journal. I wasn't used to this scientific culture so it took me a while to get just as excited about this stuff as everybody else is and to openly discuss stuff. Now its not strange to see me saying stuff like "Did you see how brilliant and elegant that test was?" or "Are you friggin' kidding me???? That test result was inconclusive!". My PI asked me if I wanted to go for a symposium in January. When I saw the list of speakers, I think my heart almost literally skipped a beat. Yes. I have embraced science as my life!

A huge part of getting into this mode was to subscribe for the table of contents for journals with big names, like Science, Nature, Cell, Neuron, Journal of Neuroscience etc. And anybody in the scientific world will realize what a big deal Science Magazine is!!!

So imagine my amusement when I opened the email containing the table of contents, only to find a word from the sponsors which said....

"Don't waist wells anymore!"


Clearly, we are capable of unravelling the mysteries of the world and beyond but had to miss a few spelling classes to get there! :P

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doublehead said...

haha, enjoyed "reeding" this post. I ofen vondered Y spelling is so impotent! In the SMS generation it is not only spelling but the entire language is taking a "beet". You should see some of the reports students write these days. The most hilarious one was "Frank Condon principle" was written as "Frank condom principle", even after pointing out the mistake the guy still did not get it. I had to laugh it off.