Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daylight savings demystified

The whole concept of daylight savings was new, scary and kinda awesome, all at once. For those who aren't familiar with the concept, during Fall every year, the clocks are set back by one hour and sometime in Spring, the clocks go ahead by an hour.

Last year, I didn't even realize when the clocks were supposed to change. My phone and laptop were apparently smarter than me and auto-set themselves to change. It was a Saturday night and I set my alarm on my phone for 7am. I needed to get up and talk to clueless on skype. Being in the opposite ends of the world, we had to set up weird times to catch up on each others lives. I went to sleep, only to be woken up at 6:15am with a call from a very confused clueless.

Clueless: Where are you???? I have been online for 15 mins now!

Me: (Groggily) huh?

Clueless: You are late!

Me: That's impossible! I set my alarm to 7am. And its only 6:15am now! You are too early!

Clueless: No.... I am right on time, according to Singapore time. What's up with you???

Me: HUH????????

Clueless: :-/

Me: Ooooooh! I get it! Damn daylight savings! My phone auto-set itself so its waking me up at 7am pre-daylight savings. I'm sorry I kept you waiting!

This year, I was more aware of when daylight savings was starting. I kinda like the concept this year. It gives me an extra hour to sleep in. But I wanted to stay up and see how exactly the whole thing works and how the clocks reset themselves on my phone and laptop. And I am proud to present the mystery that is daylight savings to those who don't get it.... Daylight savings demystified.... try to contain your excitement! Here it comes!!!!

1:59:50 am

1:59:51 am

1:59:52 am

1:59:53 am

1:59:54 am

1:59:55 am

1:59:56 am

1:59:57 am

1:59:58 am

Here it comes!!! Hold on!!!

1:59:59 am
1:00:00 am

*blink blink*

Tadaaaaaa!!!! :D

Woohoo!!!!! We just went back in time by one hour! ;)

Join me in a few months to learn how to go to the future, by an hour :P :P

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