Monday, November 01, 2010

Recipe for whaaaa?

The graduate student organization for my university had decided to start a monthly newsletter. They are doing a really good job. The newsletter looks very professionally done (hats off to those involved!). Every detail has been taken care of, each page has a beautiful header on the top, the page number at the bottom right and the tag line to the newsletter on the bottom left. The students are amazing writers with a good sense of humour. So its no wonder that when I saw in my email that this month's issue is out, I eagerly opened it.

Turns out to be a Holiday special issue having tons of delicious recipes. So I sat reading them all. Its a way to destress, thinking about good food. And also its a great source of motivation. After all, these recipes were tried out by fellow grad students. If they had the time to cook this stuff, I definitely have the time to try something new every now and then. 

Anyhow, one particular recipe caught my eye, especially the ingredients list at the very bottom of the page (bottom left, specifically)

4 jumbo prawn
2 cups of coconut milk
1 medium size onion
Your source for grad student life 

:O :O :O :O

Talk about tough recipes, this one demands the very source of my life!!!! :P :P :P

Bet its a tasty dish ;)

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