Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Despicable Me

Ever since I got into knitting, I have been contemplating several projects to make. And I have been meaning to post them on my blog to show off. For example, this shawl that I made (and clicked a pic on the webcam in lab because I am too lazy to get my camera out :P)

What finally prompted me to finally blog about my knitting was what I made last night. I am still not over it :D :D :D :D

I am making stuff toys by knitting them!!! :D


Shubhada said...

The shawl looks very nice! It is big too. Very happy to see your progress in knitting along with other things like learning violin and research (I am sure it is not in this order!). Keep it up. You can use your making toys talent to gift them to some small kids when you visit such families.

doublehead said...

The shawl looks great, almost professional knitter!!!

I don't mind couple of these small cute MINIONS hanging in my car or peeping out of the windshield!! Keep up the good work!

rastreator said...

Thanks for the informative. Fantastic blog. Congratulations!!!

soleil said...

OMG! (pun intended) I want a Despicable Me too! SOOOOOO CUTE! =D

simplime said...

wowwww!!! u r knitting me something big for my birthday!!