Monday, January 03, 2011

Of late... and early

Over the past few months, my routine has gotten set in stone. I get up each morning and am in lab by 8:30am. Come what may. What distinguishes weekends from weekdays is that on weekends I get in at 9am or 10am at max. And of course, that I can park my car in a faculty spot :P :P

But every once in a while, I need to go late. Because the leasing office of my apartment opens only at 9am and I got to pay the rent every month. Today is one such day. You'd think I would sleep in and get ready at my own pace, given I need to go a little later than usual today. And I did sleep in. And I did get ready at my own pace.

Its 8:30am now, I am ready to go, but can't leave for another half an hour so I am sitting here blogging :-/


Whatever happened to the days when you never seem to be able to leave the house on time and rush to work? I never seem to be able to leave late! :P


doublehead said...

You just described the transformation of a graduate student turning into a serious scientist. Shit happens! In the morning after shower and breakfast it appears that there is nothing else to do in this world other than to rush to work and start working. I am pretty sure that this must have been the case when you were in school as well. The most annoying moment in the world is if there is something obstructs you from doing your morning routine, like for example having to drop in at the leasing office or having to pick up a packet at the UPS or postoffice at 9.00 am!!

rastreator said...

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