Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exam season... for the last time!

As tradition has it, the number of posts (if any at all!) on my blog goes up during the exam season. And now, I am preparing for the biggest exam event ever! Qualifying exam!!! I'm sure I called GRE the biggest exam event at some point. Eh. I'm fickle. Big surprise! :P

But yeah, being the classical Indian nerd who can score straight As in regular exams for course work, qualifying exam is a bit of a mystery for me. At least I am past the biggest hurdle - coming up with a brand new research topic to talk about. And writing a proposal on it. In fact, the proposal is due today (or tomorrow, I'm not sure but it sure as hell is going out to the committee today!). Now comes the part where I make some powerpoint slides to make a 15 minute presentation of my proposal then be prepared for an hour or more of grilling from my committee. Now this is the part where my exam preparing skills are thrown off track. Qualifying exam is just so.... floopy (for lack of a better word to describe it). I haven't the first idea where to start studying for it!

Just 15 days to go before my presentation. Knowing my cramming capabilities, thats plenty of time, if I use it right. I haven't started freaking out yet. But I know its just a matter of time!

Here goes nothing (and everything)!!! Wish me luck! :)

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Sarah said...

Good luck!