Monday, May 02, 2011

Move along, moving along

My life is currently positioned in such a way that a lot of things will change dramatically over the next few weeks. Of course, it goes without saying, that I will have my qualifying exam in 3 days. Am I worried about it? Nah. Terrified? HELL YEAH!!!! I gave a mock presentation today. I said "I don't know" more number of times than I care to admit.

But in other news, I have finally signed a lease for a single bedroom apartment. But  not in the same apartment complex I am living in right now. Right now, its just a 5 min walk to lab. After I move, it will  be a 15 min drive everyday (or an hour by train, if I choose to ride it). While at first I was really excited about this new development, now I am not so sure about it. The apartment looks nice, the neighbourhood is amazing and super safe. All the stores are located within walking distance. The community has a lot of swimming pools, fountains, jogging trails, a duck pond, you name it, you'll find it! So I should be still super excited right?

But I am not. I am super apprehensive. Kinda nervous. This is the first time I will be living without a room mate. I know, I know, NUS had single rooms and I was living in my own room there. But I was always surrounded by these gang of friends who never let it seem like I was living on my own. It was a family of friends, a family away from home. But now, I won't have such a thing. As much as my current room mate and I disagree on things, one thing that's always let me feel a little less lonely, is knowing there is another presence in the apartment. What'll I have at my new place? Probably a good TV, if I feel like it, an Xbox 360, a comfortable couch to relax on, a kitchen that is mine, all mine to take care of and a beautiful balcony that is twice as big as the one in the apartment I am currently living in. I will have a neighbourhood, where its safe to go out for a walk in the evening by the duck pond and watch the children feed the ducks. I can pick any swimming pool I want in the community to hang out at, to just sit back and relax. It all sounds like a dream come true. Except, I am beginning to learn, that material things just don't matter to me now anymore. So what if I have awesome stuff in the apartment. So what if there are so many places to hang out at? It'll all feel so much nicer if I had somebody to share it with, somebody to hang out with. Every once in a while, I guess life needs to remind me that money cannot buy happiness and companionship. But I guess till that day, money is just going to have to try as hard as it can.

I'll tell you what money can buy, tickets to go back home and visit mom and dad! yay! I'll be going back to India after 2 whole years!

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doublehead said...

A blog with mixed emotions. It is true money cannot buy happiness. You just have to be patient and wait for someone to come along to share your living space. In the meantime try and enjoy your stay at the new place and new environment. May be you will be able to make friends in this community. More than facilities and comforts I am hoping that people in the neighbourhood are friendly to one another. This is more important than any comforts you may gain out of the facilities there. You already have friends in the work place. Now that you have your own place may be you can invite them and have get togethers once in a while.
You are entering another chapter in your life. You will find it pleasant and happy. All the best with your qualifying exams and other things that follow.