Friday, September 16, 2011

Me, myself and MG

After spending a long time in blogsphere hibernation, I feel the sudden burst of blog topics in my mind. I don't know why. But I know its not very often that I find topics that "click" in my head and translate into a blog post. So... I'm making hay while the sun shines I guess. Writing posts while I feel inspired. Even if that means multiple posts in a day.

My re-entry into the world of blogging doesn't just stop at me reading my own blog posts and writing new ones. I have been blog hopping a lot and reading and catching up with blogs from some of the my friends. Its been fun to read blogs of people you know personally because their blog sort of gives a glimpse into what is going on in their minds.

But thats the thing about blogging for some of us right? I know there are blogs dedicated to special topics, like painting, movie reviews etc etc. But those of us that blog about life in general, tend to be kinda self-obsessed, self-centric in our posts. Its all about what I did today, what I was thinking, what happened to me years ago, funny incident that happened when I was around. Me, myself and MG.

So how appropriate is my blog title... "life as WE know it".....?

Really? Nope, not really. Its life as I know it.

It sounds kinda... I dont know... is selfish an appropriate term? Selfish to blog only about whats going on in my life.

But hey, as a blogger who has been around for 6 years, I can guarantee you its therapeutic, so not such a bad thing! Maybe its ok to be thinking about life as it revolves around me for a bit. Maybe its ok to analyze my life for a bit here. Because I know a few years down the line, when I look back at my archive and read my posts, I will see how far I have gone.

So here is the deal....

I love this blog page. I have taken as good care as it as I can. Its a sort of home to me. And I treat it like that. I try to keep it neat and well-maintained. yeah, once in a while, I forget to dust the cobwebs. But I always seem to come back to bring it back in shape! I chose my template with great care, I personalized everything on this page to suit me best. I know I don't get as many comments these days as I used to a few years ago, but I also find that this does not distress me. I am happy if people read my posts but I am also ok if people don't. Until recently, I didn't even know I had followers! I am not going to monetize my blog, that is not its purpose. My blog caters to me, my thoughts, my experiences. And I love the function it has in my life! Its like a friend that is always there, not judging me when I forget to write once in a while, but always happy to see me come back! :)

I suddenly feel self-conscious of thinking out aloud here, all serious and what not :P

Here is my prediction...

I am going to be spending the next I dunno how many hours, trying to think of a funny or semi-funny post to write so that I can publish that and push this post in my archives :P

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