Friday, September 16, 2011

The second first impression

So I've heard - You never get a second chance at making a first impression.

It kinda makes sense to me in a way. I mean, its called a "first" impression for a reason right? And its kinda scary. You'd have to meet me to understand why that is the case. I usually don't make an impression the first time I meet somebody. I am quiet. Sometimes awkwardly so. Its hard to make an impression when you don't say anything!

But then again, just because I am not saying what's on my mind, doesn't mean I am not thinking it! How is somebody supposed to know whether I am funny, smart or just generally a nice person (and a fun person) to be around unless I say something?!

First impressions....

When I think of that... two people come to mind, very distinctly! This post is for them, because I am really happy that first impressions can change over time! :)

Person 1 - First day in Singapore, Dad was with me. He flew to Singapore with me to make sure I stayed there and didn't fly back on the next plane home :P And of course to help me settle in a new place. I was supposed to have an orientation talk for the Life Science program. So we walk to the foyer of the residence I was staying at. We bump into a girl, who like me, is also a new Life Science student in NUS. Except, she is completely oblivious about the orientation program I was going to attend. So the three of us meet at the foyer and this is how it goes...

Girl - Hi!

Dad - Hi!

Me - *smile quietly*

Girl - I am a first year life science student!

Dad - Oh really? She (points at me) is a first year life science student too! Are you going to the orientation talk now too?

Girl - Orientation talk? I had no idea there was one right now!

Dad - Oh! Did you want to go with us to the lecture theatre?

Girl - Why not, its not like I am doing anything else

Me - *quiet*

So yeah, her first impression of me, Dad apparently does all the talking for me!

This is how I met clueless. Apparently once I start talking, I am not such a bad person to hang around :) And we hung out together for 4 years through our undergrad

Person 2 - Journal club. One out of the three journal clubs I was required to attend as a first year in Dallas. We had Cells, Genes and Proteins. Proteins were supposed to be my field of "expertise" given the background of my undergraduate research and course work. So I walked in excited (because honestly, the Genes Journal Club BOMBED for me!). I sit opposite to person 2. I wasn't sure if she recognized me. We had spoken once before but while waiting for the professor to come in, she showed no signs of recognition. I brush it aside. Journal club starts. The rest of what happened is really a fuzzy memory. I do remember feeling terribly intimidated. Even though I knew a lot about the papers we were discussing, I barely spoke up. After journal club sessions were over, I didn't really meet this girl again for a long long long time. I thought I made absolutely no impression.

This was my first impression on Andy. But today, apparently I am not as dull as I thought (or seemed)! We now talk everyday over gtalk, texts, phone calls, hanging out, anything fun!

So yeah... first impressions...

So what if I didn't get a second chance at making a first impression....

Its the real impression of me on their mind that counts! :)

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