Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Empire State of Mind

I have been asked before, why I don't have a travelogue since I like to go places, take pictures and talk about them so much. But I don't feel like having a separate blog just for my travels. I feel like I might get all sad if I didn't update it often enough. So I used this blog every now and then to talk about interesting places I had been to.

I realized that I havent talked about travel in quite a while!

CKR and I had gone to New York City a few months back. And the song "Empire State of Mind" played on my radio this morning. So I figured, I would post a few of my favourite pictures of NYC, set to the chorus of the song! My favourite pictures, by the way, are those that I consider "quintessentially New York City" based on stuff I have watched in movies and TV shows. So here it goes!!

New York!

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of

(A view from the Empire State Building, Floor 86)

There's nothing you can't do!

(Times Square NY, Daytime)

Now you're in New York!

(Top of the Empire State Building, from the Empire State Building :P)

These streets will make you feel brand new

(Trademark yellow taxi cabs!!!!!! :D)

Big lights will inspire you!

(Times Square at night)

Lets hear it for New York

(Wall Street, NY subway station!)

New York

(Grand Central Station)

New York!!!!!!

(Need I say anything? :D)

That was a fun post!!!

Let me wrap it up with one final picture of something I never expected to see anywhere in the world! :P

I know where I won't be shopping anytime soon ;)

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