Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kingdom of Random

I've decided that things are a bit unnatural around here in my blog. Very... monotonous, if you will. I guess thats one of the hazards of going from a dormant blogger to an explosively active one. Damn, now I feel like watching a documentary on volcanoes. But anyways, I mention "unnatural" because this thought occurred to me as I was talking to Andy today. I realized that in real life, the people who are ALWAYS the happy-go-lucky kinds usually don't end up becoming my closest friends. Because there is something very fundamentally unnatural and superficial about somebody who is never ever ever ever ever down in the dumps. Come on, we are all human, we all have our happy times and our sad times. My closest and best friends are those people with whom, I not only share a laugh but also a tear every now and then.

My blog, or at least my feel as a blogger, for quite a few months now, has been largely introspective or nostalgic. Not much of a variety, very little goofy. So I want to shake things up a bit.

As a treat for myself, I am going to write the kind of post that I enjoy writing the most..... Drumroll please..... A Random Post!!! :D In essence, I just want to type out whats on my mind, a few random things floating around in my brain. A fellow blogger whose posts I read regularly has a series of posts called "WOMM" or "Whats On My Mind". I think I need something like that every once in a while to empty my think tank. So here it is.

- There was something inherently pleasing about spending a whole day watching Mythbusters on TV with their small sample size and sketchy science. At the end of it, I found a line that I think I have fallen in love with....

"Duct Tape is like The Force, there is the light side and there is the dark side and it holds our whole universe together!"

Isn't that awesome! :P

- Speaking of TV shows, Bones gave me another line to hold on to and laugh about every now and then. Maybe even ponder over it but it was really funny when I first watched it.

Dr. Hodgins - Have you found the cause of death yet?
Fisher - Yeah, its the same as it is everytime
Dr. Hodgins - Yeah? And whats that?
Fisher - Life.... Life is always the cause of death!

Yeah yeah I know, its kinda morbid but you'd have to watch the show to understand why it made me laugh so hard!

- Speaking of duct tape, my dear dear dear car might need some to hold the side whatchumalit up. Yeah thats right. I am very car terminology savvy :P But I am afraid of using duct tape because I don't want to damage the paint of my car. I already tried Super Glue, it wasn't super enough. Well, if Super Glue is not enough, time to go hunt for awesome glue to fix this problem. For now, scotch tape to the rescue!

- Speaking of my dear dear dear car.... how is it possible that after a year and a half of owning such a beautiful piece of equipment, I have not yet blogged about it!!! I need to dedicate a blog post to my faithful and loving car :)

- I have decided to try something new and learn to sketch and paint comics and manga. I feel excited and apprehensive at the same time. Really, this new adventure is more of a methadone to something else that I am craving to do... more than anything else.... building something from scratch... with my own hands... something, anything! But I can't!!! I need inspiration and some new ideas!!!!

- Is it just me or have I started using "methadone" a lot more in my everyday vocabulary? I think it has everything to do with the project I am currently working on in lab!

Well, I think I need to conclude this post here for now because speaking of lab projects, I need to be up early in the morning and get into lab before 7am. The early grad student gets the data! Pfffft.... if only!!! :P

Phew... that was liberating as hell. I feel so much better now! :) 

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