Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forward march!

So, I have been indulging in one of my favourite things to do on the internet, reading blogs! And recently, apart from my sporadic posts, I have become a lot more aware of my own blog and what it holds.

It all started with a friend, who has never been featured in my blog before, and whom I shall call Andy from here on :) She got around to visiting my blog and reading some of my earlier posts, and as and when she was reading, she'd say something about the post on my gtalk chat window, which made me realize what she was upto! So I started re-reading my earlier posts, just to look at my blog from a fresh perspective. And as I was doing that, I stumbled across a post I had written in December 2009. Just before New Years. And I found this list of things that I wanted to have done.

Now, it gives me great pleasure to feature the list once again on my blog and proudly claim my achievements! 

- Get an American Driver's license
Failed twice but third time was indeed the charm! Got my license to kill drive

- Own a car (woohoo! can't wait!)

I am currently the proud owner of a 2003 Hyundai Elantra! His name is Aryan :)

- Get a couple of credit cards (my first ever ones... I am growing up!)

After a couple of rejections, I did manage to accomplish this as well! Now I really wish the credit card companies would stop sending me mails :-/

- Settle in a lab that will be my home for the next 5 years

Getting my PhD in a lab studying Adult Neurogenesis! So yeah, I found me a PhD home :)

- Settle in a program in the university that I will graduate under
Um... ok... I did that... but... um... not to proud to mention which program I selected so lets just say.. mission accomplished :P :P :P

- Complete a good chunk of my qualifying exam proposal (if not all of it!)

Ph.D candidate in da house!!! :D :D :D

- Get more furniture in my apartment and settle down properly into my apartment

I moved into a brand new single bedroom apartment in a very pretty neighbourhood! And I did manage to get furniture! Thanks to Andy, I have an awesome bed, I bought a couch from a lab mate who is moving out of Texas, got a free TV from another lab mate, bought an xbox, kitchen is getting stocked up quite rapidly thanks to Andy and soon, she will help me put up some paintings and sketches of mine on the walls to complete the pretty apartment! :)

- No longer call this place "my apartment" and call it "home" instead

It is my home now :) I love it to bits! Especially when I have my friends over! :D :D :D 

- Travel to at least 3-4 places outside of Dallas (at least 2 outside Texas)

Wisconsin, New York, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Illinois.... so far...!! And loads of travelling within Texas! :D :D :D

- At least one of the above mentioned travels should be a road trip in my own car

With mom and dad when they came to visit. We drove to Austin, San Antonio, Canyon Lake... in my very own car!!! Aryan!!! :D

In addition to this list, I am doing a lot of other cool things that I used to keep angsting and whining about on this blog. I now have steady hobbies, I paint a lot, sketch, knit once in a while and I do read books, not as much as I would like to, but at least it isn't an absolute zero the way it used to be! :)

So 2 years in Dallas, where do I stand?

Wherever it is, I'd say its a pretty good place to be :) 

I am happy :)

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