Friday, October 27, 2006

How God motivates teenagers to clean their rooms

Warning! There will be parts of the post that are absolutely disgusting! I was disgusted myself when I was going through this. DO NO JUDGE ME OR MY ROOM PLEASE! I have learnt my lesson now :">

Second year in university is hectic. Wait a second.... "hectic" is an understatement. Since semester started I have been working continuously and have taken only a very few breaks in between. Over the past 3 weeks, I haven't even had time for breaks actually. Continuous tests and submissions. In fact, on November 13th, I have 3 submissions and the next day I have a test! Golly! what I life I lead! Is it any wonder that I haven't found the time to clean my room?

Well... I really didn't have time! You think I enjoy living in a messy and dirty room??? Of course not! I used to cringe everytime I entered my room and saw the pile of clothes on my bed, the pile of papers and files on my desk and the pile of tupperware and glasses on my cabinet. I used to cringe at the dirty floor which desperately needed sweeping and mopping. My fan was also quite dirty and every now and then, it would drop dust over everything in my room (including me!). I hated my room! But I had no choice! As I said before... I had no time to clean my room even though it was so disgustingly dirty! From the minute I wake up to the minute I sleep, each day, I keep studying and doing nothing else. Still all the work piles up :(

Anyways... Here is what inspired me to clean my room (and blog) even though I am so tied down with work. I had taken a resolution last monday... I would clean my room the following day because it was a public holiday and I would have some time to spare for me room. It didn't work out. My alarm failed me and I woke up rather late. Startled by that, I immediately plunged into my studies. My room remained messy.

Last night (friday night) I took a resolution that I would clean my room today. No way I was gonna break it this time! I wasn't the only one thinking that apparently... Even the heavens above had a plan to motivate me to clean my room... I went to sleep last night(or rather this morning) at 2am...

At around 6:30am, I wake up... I feel something crawling up my arm... I freaked out and shook my arm wildly and pushed whatever it was that was crawling. I heard it fall on the floor. Immediately I got up and turned on the light to see what it was. Much to my horror and disgust, I saw...

A big, fat, flying cockroach... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally freaked out! I didnt know what to do. Even though I was standing in my room with only four and half hours of sleep, i felt wide awake. I knew I'd never be able to go back to sleep knowing there was a cockroach lurking about! I was wondering why the heck it had come in the first place. Then I glanced around at my room.... It now looked like the typical American teenage boy's room that they show in movies and TV shows. It was filthy! So filthy, that a cockroach decided to visit!

That minute I decided... To hell with sleep! This place needs some serious cleaning up! I gotta do that right now! The first thing I do is open every window and pull all the blinds up. I opened the door and left it that way. In case the cockroach wanted to leave, it was more than welcome to do so. Then I embarked on a cleaning mission. I tidied up the place, arranged all my papers in files and folders, cleared up my desk, my bed, my cabinet and then put the bedsheet, blanket, pillow covers and my comforter for washing, cleaned my fan, swept my room thrice, mopped it twice and then got my bedsheets out of the dryer all nice and clean. It took me two hours to do that. I even cleaned under my bed! I pulled out all the suitcases and swept and pushed them back in. And there was no sign of the insect when I was doing all this. Looks like it decided to leave :)

I tell you.... that cockroach didn't come to my room because my room was dirty and cockroaches love this environment... it came because God sent it!!! I am convinced it came just to freak me out and force me to clean my room at 6:30am! I was so exhausted by the end of it all that I sat down on my bed and did nothing for 15mins. I realised there was no point in doing that. There was no point in even trying to study because I was tired. So i set my alarm and went to sleep. I got up, finished a bit of work, and here I am blogging... about...

How I got motivated to clean my room....


mom said...

I am beating everyone in commenting on this blog! A person who only reads your blogs but rarely comments on the blog site!

I am very happy to know that my daughter has learnt to clean her room! I have to thank that cockroach. Wonder if God also thought that your room needs cleaning? It is a good idea to send a cockroach to your room once in a while. If a cockroach can have such an amazing effect, all the moms will be happy if someone started supplying cockroaches so that they can sneek one in their kids room and see the miracle of cleaning room happen!

Keep up the clean room job

Clueless said...

Yikes! A flying cockroach? Man, that's something straight out of my nightmares. Remind me never to get my room get that messy again! :S

Well, at least some good came out of all this. Blessing in disguise, as they might say. And you got to make your mom happy (whose comment, btw, is incredibly cute!). So yay! And thank you, Mr. Much Needed Flying Cockroach! ;)

double head said...

Your parents tell me that you are a HOUSTON girl, born amidst giant Texax cockroaches. How did you become cockroachphobic? There are many things that one can learn from cockroaches. Do you know that cockroaches are the most adoptable to any kind of environment. Clean or dirty, if they decide to enter your home they will do so at their will. No one can stop them, not even God. I love the creature, especially the red, flying gaint ones. Have you ever tried chasing one to kill it, it is next to impossible, they can crawl so fast and if necessary take on their wings and fly. God....I love your creations, especially the cockroaches. There is another type, more close to grasshopper, they can just jump and scare the hell out of you.

If a cockroache can startle you and make you jump out of your bed and clean your room at 6.30 am, I wonder what a eight legged creature can do? And I do not mean an octapus, you know what I mean, don't you. Don't just freak out, they are God's creatures, just like you and me. Learn to live with them and admire them. They all have special talents, like scaring the witts out of a teenager living alone in a student dorm. he hee, he hee!!

prithz said...

Haha!!! really weird that a cockroach got tu motivated to clean ur room.. may be u must pay a visit to my room... i jsu cant stand a speck of dirt in my room.. things have got to be in their place.. :D else, i cant get to study.. my room is as good as a companion to me.. :) so.. girl.. in future, come over to my room to get motivated to clean up ur room.. no need scary cockroaches!! :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

congrats on cleaning up your room! :-) and yeah, really long time no see :-)

i think the most finicky of us have had life and exams and studies take over, leaving us with a messy room. but for me the cleaning up process has always been stress-relieving, so i tended to do it more when i was stressed.

soleil said...

I really understand what you mean when you say you have no time to clean your room. We've all been so busy, rooms just had to take a back seat. I force myself to clean my room when I'm doing laundry and wating for my clothes to be washed.

It doesn't seem like things are going to slow down at all but we have to make sure we clean our rooms regularly to avoid certain visitors from entering our rooms...

Macho Girl said...

Whaaat?????? Mom's armed with cockraoches to make their teenage daughters clean their rooms???/ NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I will keep my room neat from now on! :D

start cleaning ur room girlie... otherwise the "Mr. Much Needed Flying Cockroach" will pay ur room a visit soon :P

#double head
I am not really against God's creatures... i just think I am not ready for a symbiotic relation with them in my room. It is MY room... MY territory! No cockroaches or spiders allowed!!!

Hehe. i will give u a call and come to ur room when i need inspiration! ;)

Long time! :)

When i get stressed out, i tend to sleep it off :P Lazy me!

u said it girl. I need to start incorporating room cleaning in my schedule...

Confused Soul said...

On the contrary, my room is very clean usually.. atleast as regards the floor..and people always wonder how! Well, that's beacuse whenever I go out of my room - to the loo or wherever, I push any hair or anything else on the floor out of the room with my feet! So I end up actually sweeping the room once a week or so.. that's because I reallllly can't stand messy floors! I just can't!

So next time, even if u don't have time, do what I do! Believe me, it works! :)