Monday, July 27, 2009

We'll still be friends forever! (Part 4)

Dear Confused Soul,

While that seems to be quite an appropriate nick name for you (:P), I was toying with the idea of calling you something else for this post! Something more personally related... like H2O, your first nick on my blog, or PJQ (i came up with that! It stands for "PJ Queen") or just simply.... THE JOKER! (why so serious? :P)

Though initially I came to know you are "the cousin", you soon became a bigger entity in my life in Singapore, and as I started spending more time with you, generally hanging out, or being part of two different excos, I realised what a wonderful person you are and how lucky I am to have you as a friend :) I don't believe I have ever met somebody as bubbly and upbeat as you, somebody who can get along with everybody so easily, somebody who is so comfortable just being herself, but most importantly, somebody with whom you are comfortable being yourself. And of course, as I have told you before, I think your personal touch to everything in life is the most endearing thing about you! Its pretty rare to meet somebody as thoughtful as you... who loves her friends so much!

I'm going to miss hanging out with you. It goes without saying that I am really really definitely going to miss PJ sessions with you! When I was in first year and you used to tell me all the jokes you had invented, I used to think you had great talent to pull out jokes from thin air! Now, I am pleased to inform you that I have also learnt to pull a PJ out of thin air! And frankly, its all because of your training, guruji! :D :D :D I learnt to laugh my heart out with you, and I am going to miss that a lot. Everytime I am with you, so much of time is spent laughing at the silliest and funniest of things, nobody has ever had that effect on me! I am going to miss all your PJs. You had better keep your fan updated on all the new stuff you hear or invent!

I'm going to miss being a part of an orchestra with you... planning stuff out... but most importantly, having cribbing sessions! I'm so so happy that you got a room on the same floor as me... I had the most wonderful year having you so close... I'm going to miss trips to your room and also your trips to mine! I've definitely learnt a thing or two from you on how to make a hostel room seem like home. One of my fondest memories, funnily enough, was sitting in the corridor with you and the others and cribbing about exams. And of course, shopping for tutor gifts! I'm going to miss hanging out with you and the gang... you are usually the life and soul of the party!

You definitely get a huge chunk of credit for turning me into a girlie girl! I think the top that you picked for me is fabulous and I am not the only one who thinks so! When I wore it, everybody around me went on about how lovely it was! And now thanks to you, I have better taste when it comes to picking tops! :D :D Needless to say, I am so pleased with this change in me! Of course, the only time I ever wore make up in NUS, it was done by you! I still have much to learn, don't I? :P

Of course, lets not forget the fact that you are my girlfriend (the other one!!! Its our little secret!):P :D And I'm going to miss you loads!

But its alright, I know that life must go on. We all have different dreams and we do what we must to pursue them. After all life is a journey.

And its friends like you whom I meet along the way who make the journey so much easier and happier!

I love you very much and hope that you'll find everything in life that you are looking for :) If you ever need anything, just remember that there is one friend here who will always be there for you, and will never be too busy for you.

How could I be too busy for my green elephant-shooting friend who always manages to bring a smile on my face?!!! :D :D :D

(Ji... H,I,J.... k? :P :P :P)


Clueless said...

I didn't think I would ever miss PJs, but boy am I going to. I think all of us had a lot to learn from CS ... how to take the best out of life, and how to always enjoy any and every situation you are put in. I don't think I've met a more cheerful person, honestly. When CS was sad, you KNEW something was wrong.

But I'll never forget the wonderful times we spent together, holidays that wouldn't have been the same without her. I'm so glad we all got to spend time with her. I'll be seeing CM and Soleil quite often here, but the thought of not seeing CS on a daily basis pains me. I just hope that she's happy wherever she goes and that she finds a good match for herself who can keep up with the lameness and the bundle of joy that she is! :D

Confused Soul said...

Awww.. :')

Love you all so much! And I'm gonna miss you all like crazy.. Whenever I was with you guys, I was so carefree and happy.. some of my lamest moments have been with you guys (:P) which was only because I knew I could be myself.. Thank you! And MG, what a perfect ending to the post.. I should've known that joke was bound to come up :D

Oh and I'm very eager to know who my match is going to be.. he doesn't know what's in store for him! ;)

P.S. Word verification: belli.. and then I clicked on the button :P

soleil said...

Belli button! LOL! CS, you crack me up! :D