Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Clueless, on her birthday :)

My dearest clueless,

Some people call almost everyone they know a friend. But to me, friendship means so much more. Its a much closer relationship, one in which you take the time to really understand each other. A friend is someone you trust enough to share a part of yourself the rest of the world may never see.

That kind of friendship doesn't come along everyday... But that's the way it should be. When it comes to friends, it's quality, not quantity, that counts...

And with you, my dearest friend, I know I have the very best...

I can't help thinking that last year this time, I was with you and we celebrated your birthday together, like we have for the past four years. And I miss you loads and loads and wish I could be there this year too! More than anything, I wish I could make this day special for you, somehow or the other... But as you know, the way it always happens... when you try to surprise somebody on their birthday, everything that can possibly go wrong does go wrong! I fell prey to that this year.

I know this is not much, but its the only thing I can give you considering we are so far apart...

I want you to know that you are always on my mind and in my heart. You will always be my best friend because you are the one who taught me that friendship is forever, no matter what. Otherwise I just never believed that friendship could ever survive the distance. But now I know, it will weather the storm, because even though you are so far away, you feel closer than even to me. Does that make sense? :)

Happy birthday! I am sure you will have a wonderful year ahead... a brand new year with brand new adventures

And we'll share those adventures every step of the way... Just like how we did before :)

Miss you so much girl!


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Clueless said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLIE! You know nothing says it better than a blog post, especially between us! :D

I've gotten so used to the past 4 years that it's completely weird not to have the day off on my birthday, or have all my friends with me from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep, but I guess this is a new phase of life, and I should learn to embrace it. :)

And yes, our friendship will weather all the storms and sail beautifully, that's a given! Thank you so much for this dedication, dear ... it's a better gift than anything you could've given me, and you've already given me the only other thing I could wish for! :D

Love you loads, babe! And thank you so much once again! <3