Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Teacher (4),

Its been a long time and I've come a long way. Remember you had told me and my parents during the PTA meeting that I could achieve anything as long as I overcome my mental block that its tough to achieve something? Turns out, that doesn't apply only to physics!

In undergrad, there was a course on neuroscience. I didn't even give it a thought. Everybody said it was the most difficult course ever. I had to be either very smart or very foolish to take it. So I didn't. Looking back, I feel ashamed that I ran away from it, simply because I had a mental block that neuroscience is hard.

Well, guess what? I made up for that in grad school! I joined a neuroscience lab for Ph.D!!!! If I am successful, I will have a doctorate in neuroscience! What a turn of events!

But it doesn't end there. I took an advanced course, neuropharmacology. People told me not to take it unless I had basic neuroscience training (which I didn't of course, since I never took neuroscience as an undergrad). But I took it. And I worked hard. I worked extremely hard. I taught myself the basics of neuroscience to help me understand advanced neuropharmacology. And I wrote the exam. All I wanted was to pass.

Not only did I pass the course, I was graded above average! I was the only non-neuroscience person in the class. Do you realize what that means? I did better than the kids who did have a strong neuroscience background! I did it!!!!

Not only that, I have chosen my topic for qualifying exam from neuroendocrinology. I think its going to be very interesting. Lets see how that plays out to be.

Today, I am really happy in the lab that I work in. Its the best place for me to be. I love the science, I love the work, I love my colleagues, I love my boss, its a dream come true. I never thought the perfect lab for me would be a neuroscience lab.

Its only because you taught me to overcome my mental blocks that I am here today. And I want you to know that you are still remembered. And even though you are gone from this world, you aren't truly gone, your teaching continues to live on through your student. Thank you, thank you so much for guiding me through thick and thin.

I feel honoured to be your student.... forever

I miss you very much

Your loving student,

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