Sunday, December 12, 2010

Potential caveats of awesomeness

I have been writing a term paper on an original research topic. Everything has to be a new idea, never thought of before experiments which will lead to a new and exciting discovery that could revolutionize the field! My research needs to have three aims and each aim should talk about the rationale behind why I am even thinking about these experiments in the first place, how would I approach the problem, what are the experiments I would do, the techniques I could use, what would be the predicted results and interpretations and finally what are the potential pitfalls and alternative approaches.

I personally have a problem with the "potential pitfalls and alternative approaches" sections

Clearly, I have spent insane amount of time researching the topic, what has been done so far, what could be done, how can it be done and thought about this problem from every possible angle. After taking everything into consideration, I design and re-design experiments to try to eliminate any possible loop holes that people could pick on. And by "people" I mean myself too!!!

However, in the field of research, if you cannot find pitfalls and caveats to your experiment, you aren't considered awesome or smart or any such thing.

You are an idiot!

And not just any idiot

A egomaniacal idiot!


I guess I asked for it....

Grad school makes me feel stupid!

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doublehead said...

Even in the most carefully designed and carefully thought of projects the pitfalls are rather difficult to predict. After all when the problem is formulated the investigator has to ask all kind of questions, even the most ridiculous and stupid ones in order to be able to avoid pitfalls. It is only when the project is executed one could possibly encounter the pitfall and then look for alternatives. In scientific endeavours the best critic is self-critic. Be as critical as possible (be hard on yourself) you will automatically eliminate most criticism from others. This has been my experience so far.