Saturday, July 07, 2007

And the beat goes on

Note: I know that getting to the 100th post in a blog is not a big deal for many. But for me, its the biggest deal in the world coz I started out thinking my blog would vanish in a matter of months. It has instead grown to be one of my greatest friends. My very own space to be me! So allow me to do a crazy jig and type out an incredibly long post to celebrate this occasion! *does a weird red Indian war dance* Now for post proper

Dear Friend,

This is it! I made it! My 100th post is finally here! Looking back I realise its been an incredible journey. Yeah sure, I haven't really blogged much in 2 years. But every post that came out meant a lot to me. A great deal of thought goes into every post. No wonder it took so long eh?

How about a trip down the memory lane? :) This post is for you and for once, I shall type on and on without worrying about the length of the post. Anyway, you love to read long letters, don't you?! :P :P :P *ducks as Bata shoes come flying*

To be honest, I wasn't sure about blogging. I didn't even know what it really meant. Until you showed me your blog! Remember the time when we didn't have laptops and the computer centre was everything! Thats where you showed me your blog page. Pity, we didn't even get seats to sit on while browsing. The place was so crowded that we had to take a terminal which required the user to stand! I read a few posts of yours there. Then you asked me to give blogging a try! I was tempted to! But I wasn't sure. After some thought, my blog was born and I decided to call myself "Macho Girl". Seemed appropriate then considering you are the one who gave me that nickname and you are the one who pushed... erm... inspired me to start blogging! :P :P *ducks as more shoes come flying* And so I started, very unsure about what to write. Now that I had officially started, I didnt know what to write about next and settled for something that meant a lot to me. 2 posts in 3 days! But now I was REALLY stuck. I mean, I felt exactly the same way you did when you started blogging! Gimme a proper topic and I could write pages on it! But blogging required me to think of my own topic! There's simply too many to choose from! But then, after our little adventure, I realised that blogging can extend to stuff I wanna just record! You know, like wonderful memories! Things flowed a bit easier after that. But still not good enough. I was still at loss sometimes!

Then I came across a link in your blog. I visited that blog on a particularly lazy evening when I was absolutely jobless and read loads of posts from there. Thats when things started flowing for me completely. It hit me all of a sudden that my blog is what I had been looking for all these years! You see, I am the type who likes to document some of her thoughts. At first I thought I'd maintain a diary, but soon realised that "dear diary" was not my thing. Besides, thoughts in a diary will not be read by many. Only very few. But a blog on the other hand is read by so many! Even strangers! Of course, that means I need to be careful about what I write. But I didn't mind. It was just the place I was looking for to write down my thoughts, share my memories and experiences. THAT was when my blog was truly born!

A slight glitch though. My parents didn't know I was blogging. I wanted them to know! But I was worried if they'd think blogging was just a waste of time. Anyways, one evening I decided to take the risk and tell them about it. And guess what? I am so damn happy I told them. You know, I talk to them online and chat and all every single day, but sometimes the minor details of your day just skip your mind. Reading my blog, they not only got to know the life I live here, they also got to know more about my friends! It was a wonderful way of keeping them in the loop!

Anyhow, I don't even need to go on about the rest of the history. My blog and my writing style evolved over the past 2 years. My thoughts have evolved with the help of this space. In a way, I have become a different person because of this blog! ;) ;) ;) Anyways, so far its been a trip down the memory lane for me, in that I have written about all the things that went through my mind when I started blogging. Now, its a trip down the memory lane in terms of blog posts. So let me conclude the letter here and get down to business! I compiled a list of my favourite posts. It brought back wonderful memories when i did that. I hope you enjoy it :)


1. Soleil's torture! :P :P :P (my goodness, name has evolved from Oreo cream to anita beaver to ann@ to soleil!)

2. Art of drawing graphs (still not mastered! Not excel! Not paper!)

3. Multiple personality (clueless said that was the point where she realised just how deadly i was! I could turn anything into a blog post :P :P :P)

4. Puzzling! (possibly the all time favourite of clueless. My personal favourite comes later on, but I really really really enjoyed writing this post. It was damn fun)

5. Flavours (more than the post, its the memory thats one of my personal favourites! :D)

6. Baking (cooking disaster! With a happy ending :P)

7. Laundry woes (a record of the torture an undergrad faces in hostel! Hopefully things will be better in the new hostel that I am moving into)

8. My dreams (I actually didn't think this was a very good post and was pretty embarrassed by it because I thought I didn't express myself properly. It was a very "dil se" post. Later on I realised that quite a few liked it. Clueless thought it was well written. So yay! I rock! :D)

9. Lunacy unlimited (I STILL cannot believe that we actually sent such messages around!!! My goodness! I love reading this post!)

10. Macbeth and detergent (So much for me trying to do some "serious" analysis of bloody hands! Oh yeah, this reminds me, my tutor for that module actually thought the line "Out! Damned spot!" would make a brilliant line for a detergent company to put in their adverts :P Fun tutor!)

11. Heights of pointlessness (Ah! now THIS is one of my all time favourites. Pretty ironic that the most pointless post of my blog should turn out to be my favourite. I guess its the pointlessness of it all that attracts me. And the pictures :P)

12. Solitaire (Clueless thinks I am good at analogies!!!! :D :D Maybe I should consider teaching as my career. My favourite teachers are those who are capable of using good analogies!)

13. Short story writing! (I was mainly amazed at the response I got for this post! Maybe I should try writing short stories ;) I'd probably fail miserably considering I love to blabber. Maybe long stories :P)

14. Happy birthday Singapore! (ah! what a wonderful evening that was!)

15. Forwarding the message (And no, Brad hasn't asked me out yet. Tom Cruise advised me to wait a while so I'll follow my best friend's advice)

16. Dear Teacher (I don't think I need to say anything here)

18. Risk Management (I still can't help but to smile when I think about it!)

19. Learning to drive (sorta marks my transition into adulthood. I dunno, i guess I'm just happy I can drive now and this is a reminder of how it happened!)

20. Rap on the head (I realised I was one of those teenagers but not as bad!)

Thats the top 20 list!!!!

And this is my 100th post!!! Did I mention this is my 100th post? Coz its my 100th post!!! :D :D :D :D

My blog means a lot to me maybe because I have never expressed myself so freely. All my thoughts and opinions come pouring out here and its been wonderful. For those who have been waiting (read "bugging") for me to update (that means clueless and confused soul :P), the reason I have postponed publishing this post so long is because I wanted this to be a little present to you all. To all my friends who have been coming down to my blog so regularly even though I write crap at times and who have always encouraged me to go, this post is dedicated to you. A very very special dedication to Clueless. If you hadn't asked me to try blogging, I would have never ventured here. And now that I am here, I couldn't be happier :) Thanks for everything!

To all my friends, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP'S DAY!!!! This is my present to you (and it didn't cost a penny!!! I'm so smart!!! :P :P And cheap ;))

As for the blog, the title explains it all

The beat goes on..........


Clueless said...

Yay, 100th post! *applauds* Phew, what a looooong time I've been waiting for you to get this out! A whole month and you didn't update! That's some abstinence you've been practising, girl! :P

Anyway, congratulations on your century! You certainly deserve to have a mighty big celebration - where's the champagne, huh? :P

Thanks for the super sweet dedication, hon! Though I must say, all I did was to introduce you to the blogosphere, nothing more. The very fact that I started blogging before you and you still got to the century long before me should be proof enough of that! :P

Ooh, nice to see many of my favourites in that list! Most of my favourite posts are the impromptu ones - they're "dil se", as you call 'em, and really sweet. You should definitely do some more "dil se" writing, it suits you. :)

Happy Friendship's Day to you too, sweetie! And heh, cheapo! I demand a treat for this double occasion. Come on, girls! Chant with me...treat, treat, treat! :D

*ducks to avoid my own Bata shoes hurled back at me* :D

soleil said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!! :D

I totally enjoyed Soleil's torture by the way. Wait a minute, that doesn't sound right haha. What I meant was that it was fun watching you gals hassle over how the saree should be and all I had to do was stand there and be a mannequin :p

Happy Friendship Day to you too! I love the present ;)

one-eyed sailor said...
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Confused Soul said...

Congrats!! Keep going, we're all waiting for more :)